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Follow Camille as she has an anxiety attack while struggling with her math homework, then faces her bully at school. After a breakdown she learns that when you ask for help, a lot can change.

Asking for Help takes us through a playful story and breathing techniques.

Get an e-book copy of Asking for Help for $1.99

Spend a day in the life of a firefighter as they help their community by exercising and having fun.

Fighting Fires with Yoga shows kids and grownups that mindful breathing and movements can help us get through the hard stuff.

$10.00 per copy

A painting created by a little boy for A Little Anthology on Sadness

What makes you sad? And what do you do when you’re feeling sad?

In collaboration with Child’s Eye, a division of Libri Publishing in the UK, I am researching how kids respond to sadness. Together, we are creating A Little Anthology on Sadness: A mental health resource for kids, by kids.

We accept responses in all languages and art forms.

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3 thoughts on “Thanks for Visiting Tranquility Stories

  1. A thoughtful and inclusive story for children and caregivers who deal with anxiety. This book shows readers that asking for help may be difficult, but it can lead to great things.


  2. An amazing book for kids, so inclusive and diverse. The simplicity and easy format allows kids who may feel anxious to know that asking for help is okay!


  3. Anxiety knows no boundaries; it’s common to all and has no discrimination. Having said that, Asking for Help is a story that each and everyone can relate to. It holds a truth inside, one that is a great message for both children AND parents in an area of topic that, for some, can be otherwise difficult to explain or understand. Definitely add this one to your bookshelf!


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