My first book: Asking for Help

Asking for help is not always easy, but when you do, a lot can change. Camille is having trouble in school and the pressure is increasing her anxiety. She feels like she is different from everyone else and her bully knows it.

Watch what happens when Camille learns that she doesn’t have to be alone with her anxiety. For many of us living with a mental illness, asking for help is the first step in healing.

As a writer who has been there, my goal is to spread positive messages about living with a mental illness. Together, we can create an open dialogue about mental health and liberate ourselves from stigma.

Get an e-book copy of Asking for Help for $1.99 using the link below


Options for a print copy: $10 for local pickup (Guelph), $13 to have it shipped to your door.

I prefer e-transfer to robin.arnott88@gmail.com. Feel free to use the PayPal button below if that suits you better. For a signed copy, shoot me a message using the contact tab on the top right of my Home page with the name of the person I am signing for.


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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. A thoughtful and inclusive story for children and caregivers who deal with anxiety. This book shows readers that asking for help may be difficult, but it can lead to great things.


  2. An amazing book for kids, so inclusive and diverse. The simplicity and easy format allows kids who may feel anxious to know that asking for help is okay!


  3. Anxiety knows no boundaries; it’s common to all and has no discrimination. Having said that, Asking for Help is a story that each and everyone can relate to. It holds a truth inside, one that is a great message for both children AND parents in an area of topic that, for some, can be otherwise difficult to explain or understand. Definitely add this one to your bookshelf!


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