Disability Pride Set Me Free

I finally finished my degree in Disability Studies after seven years of late nights, empowering lessons, and life-changing conversations. Hands down, Disability Pride was my most valuable takeaway.  Not only did Disability Pride help me rethink my role as an ally, it also helped me reevaluate everything I thought I knew about myself (no exaggeration). Continue reading “Disability Pride Set Me Free”

They say ‘mom-brain, I say…’

They say ‘mom-brain’ – I say ‘keeping-children-alive-leaves-no-energy-for-much-else-brain.’ They say ‘mom-brain’ – I say ‘exhausted-but-no-break-in-sight-brain.’ They say ‘mom-brain’ – I say ‘can’t-be-on-all-the-time-brain.’ I’ve said it about myself, other moms, and even people who don’t have kids—with generic microaggressions like ‘brain fart’ and ‘senior’s moment.’ If I have used any of these terms with you, I am so sorry.Continue reading “They say ‘mom-brain, I say…’”

Inside the mind of a catastrophic thinker

Catastrophic thinking makes me second-guess almost every decision I make.   Me: I will be a writer. Catastrophic thinking: What if no one wants to read a word you write? Me: I will take the kids to the park.  Catastrophic thinking: What if you get mugged?   I could write a novel of the what ifs thatContinue reading “Inside the mind of a catastrophic thinker”

I didn’t know self-love until I messed up at work

4 years ago, I was 8 months pregnant and complaining to my midwife about intense pain in my back. Her examination led her to believe there was a teeny tiny foot kicking against my left rib. She gave me advice for pain relief, looked into my tired eyes and told me to take a dayContinue reading “I didn’t know self-love until I messed up at work”

I burst into tears in a room full of strangers. It was awesome.

Not sarcasm, it really was awesome. I had shown up to the writer’s group at my local library. The small talk of “How’s your granddaughter?” and “Did you submit your poetry collection?” indicated that I was the only first timer. I sat down, introduced myself and the group took turns sharing their pieces and damn,Continue reading “I burst into tears in a room full of strangers. It was awesome.”